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Decode the Code v3.0 Update

This update starts year 3 of Decode the Code off with a bang with the Spring Time Pack. Get it now till July 1st!


Decode the Code v2.8 Update

Decode the Code v2.8 included the brand new Valentine's Pack out for a limited time until April 1st. Download the game here and get it for yourself before it is gone!


Jail Run v2.4 Released

The newest version of Jail Run has been released with many fixes to bugs. Read the full details by clicking here.


Decode the Code v2.7 Update

With a new version of Decode the Code comes a new special pack out for a limited time. This month's pack is the Festive Pack which will be out till January 1st.


Space Waste Now On Mobile

Space Waste is now available on the iOS and Google Play stores! Click here or on the picture to the right to download it now.


Protect the Piggy v2.4.3 is out!

A new version of Protect the Piggy has been uploaded to the App Store and Google Play Store. Click here to read more about what it includes.